CODESYS Services

  • As CODESYS System Partner we can write the CODESYS application for your application. We have years of experience in writing, testing and debugging of IEC 61131-3 code. For every application, from simple ladder code to setting up the architecture of your application. Everything is possible.
  • The CODESYS package also includes the option to create your visualizations for graphically displaying and controlling your application through local HMI or remote web-visualization. Various advanced functionality is supported with which we can assist you, like creating your own visual elements library.
  • CODESYS includes full featured motion functionality including Camming and CNC. Here too we can assist you or fully develop the soft-motion application.
  • In many cases you want to reuse code for other applications and / or distribute them to your customers and / or sell it in the CODESYS store. We can assist you in setting up the libraries including the automatic documentation creating in the CODESYS online help and distribution as CODESYS packages. These may contain both functions and function blocks, but the creation of Visualization Extensions (own visualization elements created with the Visual Elements Toolkit) is also possible.

There are many control systems available on the market. If you are unable to find the most suitable, or if you are unsure whether you have selected the proper controller, we can assist you with advice herein. Extend Smart Coding is a completely hardware independent company and not tied to a particular hardware vendor. You can be sure that we give you an open and honest advice.

Do you need any of these or other services, please send an email to and ask for the possibilities.