CODESYS Trainings

Software is becoming increasingly important when choosing an automation system. Thorough knowledge allows the applications to be created quickly, clearly and manageable. The base is a good knowledge of the programming method and programming package. We can help you with this.
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We provide all kinds of services in the field of Technical Automation, but specialize in the CODESYS software package from 3S- Smart Software Solutions with which hundreds of different controllers can be programmed. Both in the field of Industrial Automation, Building Automation, Process Automation, Mobile Automation (cranes, trains, vehicles, ships) and Energy Management systems, this software is used. Read how we can help you with your application development.
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It is possible to “embed” CODESYS on your own hardware platform. Many CPUs and operating systems are supported. Program your product with the most advanced IEC 61131-3 package that exists on the market. Choose from the many I/O drivers that are already available and/or add your own drivers accordingly. For more information see the codesys.com website.


Extend Smart Coding
The CODESYS specialist

We provide services in the field of Technical Automation and specialize in the software package CODESYS from 3S-Smart Software Solutions. As a distributor, system- and training partner, we can offer any kind of support.

Are you looking for a partner with extensive knowledge , you want to embed CODESYS in your own controller, you are searching for CODESYS software support or trainings, or are you generally interested? Let us know by calling +31-858-770910 or send an email to info@extendsmartcoding.nl.